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Serving skiers, boarders & snow enthusiasts throughout Southern California since 1956

There's nothing quite like the comfort of being in the company of kindred spirits.

The Wailers have thrived through the decades, not just as skiers, boarders and snow lovers, but as a vibrant community steeped in tradition and bound by an open and welcoming spirit. While we're known for having good times in a rowdy way, there is more to us than meets the eyes (or ears!). Take action today and experience the camaraderie, the traditions, and the fun that define our unique community.

Get to Know Us

Meet our Board of Directors.

Our community's pulse? Let's just say that it's in the hands of these enthusiastic volunteers who are so dedicated that they put the "vol" in "volunteer." These behind-the-scenes super heroes keep our operations running smoother than a well-waxed snowboard, and they whip up memorable moments for our members and allies faster than you can say "hot toddy break."  

See Who They Are

Glimpse into our History.

The Wailers started in 1956 in Redondo Beach as the South Bay Wailers. The quirky founders hosted unconventional adventures and became known for their ski racing prowess. As their popularity grew across the Southland, they dropped "South Bay" from their name and began leveraging technology to continue growing the membership. Through the decades, the Wailers stayed true to their founders' motto:

"Live life to the fullest, unapologetically and with boundless enthusiasm."

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Meet our Affiliates.

Legitimacy? We've got it locked down tighter than a penguin at a tuxedo convention! We're not your average weekend warriors; our affiliations give us an extra layer of legitimacy.

But here's the intriguing twist: while the Wailers are known for being rowdy, we've always been team players, ready to lend a hand where needed. Because they know it's true, our affiliates scratch our backs, which means it's a win-win for all parties. This goodwill doesn't just add value; it's the secret sauce that makes our already priceless membership experience even more entertaining!

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Wailers Ski, Snowboard & Social Club

P.O. Box 55741
Sherman Oaks, CA, 91413

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